Protecting Your Home and Making it Look Good

There was a time when houses were constructed much like log cabins, with sturdy wood exteriors painted in bright and vibrant colors. And while it’s easy to think romantically about that past, and pine away for those past structures, the truth of the matter is that those sturdy wood exteriors could be a lot of work. As the paint would chip away, wood was exposed to the elements, requiring many hours of maintenance and labor in order to ensure the best results. Repainting wood also requires a significant amount of work, as first the old paint must be stripped off, and while that might sound like a trivial challenge, it’s actually a lot of work (expensive work, if you contract it out).

The modern solution is metal siding, sometimes called more broadly, but not necessarily correctly, aluminum siding. The benefits of metal siding include ease of installation, ease of maintenance, and strong durability. And in case you’re thinking that siding only comes in one faux-wood, ugly colored style, advances in the past couple of decades mean that metal siding now comes in a variety of styles, colors, and strengths. In other words, there are a lot of options out there, and if metal or vinyl siding is a good fit for your home, you can probably also find something that suits your style. Once you’ve selected the right metal siding for you, you’re going to need someone to install that siding.

Residential Siding in the Twin Cities

Siding comes in many shapes and forms. Metal siding is somewhat common, but as is vinyl siding, which tends to be less expensive and provide a more natural, organic look to the home. When it comes to residential homes, the two primary choices for homeowners are between aluminum siding and vinyl siding.

  • Aluminum: Perhaps the most commonly known siding in the United States, aluminum siding actually isn’t quite as popular as it used to be. Aluminum siding is composed of, obviously, aluminum—which is a metal (okay, an alloy, maybe). But that aluminum is then coated and painted. Aluminum siding was once the most common siding material in the United States, but it has lost ground since the introduction of Vinyl siding.
  • Vinyl: Since its introduction a couple of decades ago, Vinyl siding has made significant headway in the United States, primarily because it is less expensive than aluminum, easier to install, and more durable. Made of a molded plastic material, vinyl is actually composed of that plastic, molded in the color of your selection. In other words, it’s not coated. This makes vinyl incredibly durable (if you scratch aluminum, you’ll see the metal beneath, but if you scratch vinyl there will be no color difference).

The most common approach today for residential homes is to invest in vinyl siding with aluminum trim. This provides the best results.

What is the Cost of Siding Installation in the Twin Cities?

When it comes to installing siding in the Twin Cities, there are many variables that will impact the price. It’s important to note that many siding installation projects are repair or replacement projects. If your project is a repair project, then it’s possible that only a section of your siding will need to be replaced, which can save costs in the long run. Among the other variables that may impact the price your siding installation are the following:

  • Repair or replacement—replacement of old siding may require the old siding to be removed, which can escalate costs.
  • Scope of the project—The size of your home and, therefore the amount of siding required to cover it, will impact costs.
  • The type and cost of siding—Whether you opt for high-end or budget options will have an impact on the total cost of the project. There are also some types of siding that are more labor-intensive to install.
  • The complexity of the installation—If your home is simply four straight walls with few windows, installation will go much faster, saving you money. The more complex and intricate your home, the more the project may cost.

Transform Your Home!

To get an accurate assessment of how much your project may cost, the best bet is to contact Exterior Contracting, Inc., as we know some ways to help you control costs and find efficiencies in the process.

Vinyl or aluminum siding is a great way to spruce up your home and bring it into modernity. Siding has the added benefit that, for the most part, you never have to worry about it, as it’s a very low maintenance product. So if you want to get started on your home’s transformation, contact Exterior Contracting, Inc., today to begin the estimation process.

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