Working With Insurance Claims and Companies in the Twin Cities

We have plenty of inclement weather here in Minnesota—Blizzards, tornadoes, flood, and drought. We see it all. For the most part, our homes do a pretty great job of keeping us safe and sound throughout these natural disasters. But sometimes our homes also take the brunt of those catastrophes, and as a result, your home may have a destroyed roof or other damage to contend with. Because this type of damage can be expensive but is also, in some ways, statistically inevitable, you pay insurance. This way, when your roof is pelted by hail, the repairs are covered by the insurance company instead of you.

Because storm damage and other types of wear and tear on your home are covered by insurance, you need to sign on with a contractor experienced in working with insurance companies. There is a certain order to operations and procedure to repairs that must be respected with insurance companies. First, a claim must be filed and approved—and in order to get that approval, generally, the homeowner must take photos of the roof (especially in cases of light to moderate damage, as, for example, from hail). Climbing up on the roof to take photos can be a daunting challenge for a homeowner—that’s why you need a contractor you can trust.

Working With Your Insurance Company

At Exterior Contracting, we know how insurance companies work. To be sure, every insurance company is different, with its own individual methods and quirks. In order to ensure a seamless transition and workflow, you want to make sure that you respect those quirks and, as they say, get all your paperwork filed. As an expert in the area of insurance claims, Exterior Contracting can help you make sure that happens.

Insurance Claims for Residential or Commercial Properties

Natural disasters strike all kinds of properties, including both residential and commercial properties. As experts in both of these areas, Exterior Contracting is well positioned to help you get through this difficult time. We understand how heartbreaking and gut wrenching it can be to have your home damaged. In the case of a residential home, this is where you’ve made memories and a life. In the case of a commercial property, we’re talking about your livelihood, and there are few things more important than that.

In other words, we appreciate what you’re going through. Even if you’re electing to repair moderate or light hail damage, dealing with insurance companies can still be an ordeal, and you want to make sure that everything is taken care of promptly and efficiently.

Contact Exterior Contracting in the Twin Cities

To ensure that insurance companies treat you right, you’ll want to find a contractor who can spot and identify damage caused by Minnesota inclement weather. If your roof has hail damage or your siding has wind damage—or your home just went through a rough thunderstorm and you just want to make sure everything is shipshape, contact Exterior Contracting today to get started on ensuring you have peace of mind going forward.

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