Put the Right Face on Your Property with Commercial Window Trim Installation in the Twin Cities

Your windows are an important part of your business or commercial property. Especially because, whether it’s an office building, a warehouse, or a sprawling apartment complex, your commercial property has a public face. Even if there’s a fence around that property, it will still be seen by the public, and making a good impression—making the right impression—is a task that is difficult to underestimate in its importance. Making sure the exterior of your property is well maintained and looks pleasant can help deter criminal activity and keep your investments safe.

One of the main ways that property owners make those properties look their best is through windows. And that’s the right idea, but it’s only the start. Broken windows, after all, can draw all kinds of unwanted attention to your property, making it a target for vandalism or worse, because it projects the notion that nobody cares about that property. Putting in new windows, and making sure those windows are well maintained can help mitigate that, but it’s only the first step. If you want to have windows that really make a great statement to the community and stand up to the test of time, it’s important to invest in window trim treatments that suit your property.

Modern Window Trim for Commercial Properties

Modern window trim options are pretty plentiful for commercial properties. This wasn’t always the case, as wood trim was overwhelmingly common during the mid twentieth century. Today, however, property owners are able to choose from organic or synthetic materials, wood or metal, and they’re also able to determine the finish of the product. You can have shiny trim or dull trim. It’s sometimes worth the investment for commercial entities to hire a designer to ensure that trim options are suitable for the overall property—that is, that the trim works with the windows and the rest of the structure.

How Much Does Window Trim Cost in the Twin Cities?

If you’re looking at replacing the window trim on a single window, the cost of this project is relatively modest (certainly less than replacing the window, as you do not have to pay the cost of the window itself). However, most commercial entities have multiple windows, sometimes in multiple buildings or across multiple properties. This can obviously drive the cost of the project higher, as each window trim project will require materials and labor. The overall cost of your project will be determined by the scope (how many windows need trim) and the timeline.

However, it’s important to note that many commercial entities look at window trim replacement as a cost savings enterprise. For example, if your windows look outdated, it can be prohibitively expensive to replace each and every window. But rather than leave your commercial property looking a decade out of place, you can opt to replace only the window trim. This is significantly less expensive than replacing all the windows, but accomplishes a similar goal: making the exterior of your property project the image you want. While this project is ongoing, you can replace broken windows, but keep the majority of your current windows.

Transform Your Property Today

For this reason, window trim treatments are a popular option, and it’s important that you work with a contracting experienced in this particular arena, so as to avoid damage to your windows and increase costs further. Indeed, trim that is not installed properly can lead to leaks or other structural damage over time. You can also lose out on the rated energy efficiency of your windows if the trim is not installed properly, further costing you money. In other words, it’s incredibly important to make sure that window trim is installed properly.

If you’re thinking about changing the trim on your windows, contact Exterior Contracting, Inc., today to get started with an estimate for your project. Your commercial property transformation is just around the corner. Contact us today!

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