It’s Always Snowy in Minnesota

On October 31, 1991, a snowstorm erupted in Minnesota that eventually dumped about three feet of snow—37 inches in Duluth, MN, according to the National Weather Service. In Minnesota, even in the Twin Cities, winter can be on you before you know it.

In other words, winter in Minnesota can be cruel and harsh, especially if you’re not prepared for it. This is true for homeowners, but it’s especially true for property management companies, many of which have large areas that require snow and ice mitigation. This can include apartment complexes, shopping or retail centers, and business and corporate office parks. All of these venues have vast amounts of area to keep clear—sidewalks, parking lots, side streets, service streets and so on. Additionally, snow and ice must sometimes be mitigated on the structures themselves. When it comes to ice and snow mitigation and removal, you want to trust your commercial enterprise to a company that is reliable, trustworthy, and experienced.

Offering Twin Cities Snow and Ice Removal

Exterior Contracting, Inc, has been in the snow and ice removal business for years, with plenty of satisfied clients. While they may appear simple or do-it-yourself eligible at first glance, removing snow and ice from large swaths of property takes a trained and experienced hand. To cavalierly try to remove your own snow or ice could cost you in the long run, both in terms of property damage and litigation. Your best bet is to rely on a professional.

Our snow and ice removal services include the following:

  • Parking Lot Snow Removal: Parking lots can be quite extensive, and when they’re packed with cars during a snow storm, you can have a real mess on your hands. Parking lot snow removal in the Twin Cities can be a fine art form, and it can take an experienced removal company to get the job done quickly and effectively.
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal: Pedestrian traffic can become much more noticeable in the winter, if only because sidewalks can become hazardous. Snow and ice make the sidewalks slippery, and if that isn’t mitigated quickly and effectively, you could be looking at injured residents or customers and, therefore, lawsuits and damages. Exterior Contracting, Inc, takes a twofold approach to sidewalk snow removal, using salt and other dry chemicals to depress the freezing point of the precipitation and melt the snow. For snow and ice that have already accumulated, we remove that concurrent with plowing of the parking lot.
  • Ice Dam Breakup: As winter turns to spring, you may notice that several ice dams are forming on the roof of your structures. These are caused by insufficient insulation, and left unchecked, can seriously damage your roof. Exterior Contracting, Inc, knows the best way to thoroughly combat these ice dams, keeping your roof safe and secure.
  • Roof Snow Removal: In Minnesota, most rooflines are slanted to facilitates the removal of snow. The theory is that, with a slanted roof, the snow does not exert as much downward force—meaning that a slanted roof can carry more weight. This isn’t true of flat roofs, and snow accumulation can put a substantial strain on the structure—in some very rare instances, leading to a roof collapse. Therefore, roofs in Minnesota must be diligently watched and, when too much snow accumulates, that snow must be removed.
  • Sidestreet Snow Removal: Many business have private side streets that they require to run smoothly. This can include back alley ways, commercial shipping drives, and other necessary infrastructure. Exterior Contracting, Inc, offers services that will keep these side and service roads clear and functioning even in the worst weather Minnesota can throw at us.

Helping You Battle the Weather in Minnesota with Snow Removal

Anyone who lives in Minnesota—or conducts business in Minnesota—knows that the weather can be a fickle thing. You don’t want to be caught off guard by an impromptu October (or May) snowstorm. The best way to guard against damages and injury caused by snow and ice is to have that snow and ice promptly and professionally removed. Exterior Contracting, Inc, has years of experience in the snow and ice removal business, and we’re well equipped to help your commercial property weather any storm. Even a snowstorm.

So if you see those clouds of winter coming, and you want to protect your commercial property, contact Exterior Contacting, Inc, immediately to schedule a consultation.

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