Protect Your Commercial Property with Siding in the Twin Cities

Not all that long ago, you had few options when it came to the exterior of your commercial building: brick or wood. Brick buildings can be incredibly expensive, and wood siding requires a great deal of maintenance. Wood siding must be cleaned and painted. In the latter half of the twentieth century, however, a new product emerged that made exterior choices, especially for large commercial properties, a little bit easier. That product was called metal siding, and it continues to make a big impact today.

Metal siding has itself gone through a revolution or two in the days since its introduction. Where once you might have imaged thin strips of nondescript sheet metal or cheap, faux-wood aluminum siding, modern metal siding offers builders and property owners a wide range of high-end options. From horizontal fixtures to architectural details, siding is now often incorporated as a design element into high-end commercial structures. Siding is often also used on townhouses and townhomes, where siding installation can have special complications. Indeed,

Large Property and Commercial Siding Options

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t practical benefits to metal siding. Indeed, siding of any kind generally has two purposes. The first is to protect the interior of the structure, to put a waterproof barrier between what’s important (on the inside) and what’s dangerous (on the outside). The second function that most siding has is to control the direction of water flow, encouraging water to move away from the structure. This is one reason why you often see metal siding on roofs, for example.

Siding for Townhomes and Townhouses

Metal siding is also incredibly durable. It’s not uncommon, for example, to find metal siding products that are warrantied by the manufacturer for over forty years. Modern metal sidings are often treated with highly specialized anti-corrosive finishes, further increasing their ability to resist weathering at the hands of the elements. It’s not uncommon for metal siding to last for decades. Compare that to wood siding that, when not treated properly, can succumb to the elements in a matter of years, and it’s easy to see why metal siding is a popular choice.

Benefits of Metal Siding for Minnesota Customers

There are many benefits to metal siding, especially in the Twin Cities. Those benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Metal siding is incredibly durable
  • Metal siding lasts for decades
  • Relatively simple to install, which saves money with larger properties
  • Low maintenance, especially when compared to alternative products
  • A sleek, high-end look (though some materials can be treated to look more rustic)
  • Metal siding offers Green, environmentally-friendly options
  • Siding can create a uniform look, particularly useful in townhouse and townhome complexes

At the end of the day, metal siding is quite popular because the material is relatively inexpensive and relatively light on maintenance. This can save your commercial property expenses on an annual basis.

Commercial Siding Installation in the Twin Cities, MN

Exterior Contracting, Inc. specializes in siding installation in the Twin Cities for commercial properties. Whether you’re upgrading your current siding or embarking on new construction, you want to make sure that your siding—the barrier between your investment and the corrosive effects of Mother Nature—is installed properly. As metal siding can be installed on either rooftop surfaces or sidewall surfaces, it’s important to contract with a company that is comfortable in either arena. Exterior Contracting, Inc., has experience with all types of siding installation.

The cost of commercial siding installation varies quite widely based on the scope and demands of the project. Among some of the variables are the following:

  • Overall square footage of siding to be installed
  • Distribution of rooftop siding and wall siding
  • Material chosen for siding
  • The number of buildings covered by the scope of the project
  • The overall deadlines for the project

There are, of course, other factors. In short, all projects are different. In order to get an accurate assessment of the potential costs, it would be best to schedule a consultation with Exterior Contracting, Inc., so we can evaluate the demands of your project and give you a much more accurate estimate than you might get with online tools or over-the-phone investigations.

Protecting Your Investment

As with many projects that focus on the exterior of your commercial properties—whether an apartment complex, a warehouse, an office space, or a retail center—metal siding and siding installation can safely go under the “long-term investments” category. Your property will be safer longer with good siding, and you’ll cut down on the number of maintenance problems you encounter. So if you’re ready to make your commercial properties look more inviting and protect them for the long-term at the same time, contact Exterior Contracting Inc. for your siding installation needs in the Twin Cities.

Contact us today and we’ll get started on your commercial siding project right away!

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