The Dangers of Water and Ice in Minnesota

The Grand Canyon was carved by nothing more corrosive than water. Given enough time, water can really cause some damage. The problem on commercial properties is that water can be pretty covert, hiding behind walls or under the foundation or in the roof. And if that wasn’t a scary enough prospect, in Minnesota, water has a nasty habit of turning into ice, which can cause even more problems by expanding and contracting inside of surfaces. Ice takes up more space than water, meaning the freezing of water into ice can cause cracks and foundation issues.

On a large commercial property, these dangers are particularly potent. The larger a property is, the harder it is to maintain, and the more little nooks and crannies water and ice have to hide. This can cause extreme damage. Left unchecked, leaks of something as simple as water can cause wood to rot, walls to mold, and the foundation to buckle. Many times, water damage is hidden behind permanent structures, so unless you are familiar with the warning signs, it can be very difficult to spot damage in process (and even then, often it is far too late). Repairs, obviously, can be excessively expensive.

Prevent Commercial Water and Ice Damage

The best strategy, then, is to simply prevent water and ice damage in the first place. This can be done in several ways. First and foremost, an inspection will tell us whether there is recurring damage or the risk of such damage. In the winter, ice damage is prevented by removing any ice that is noticed. Additionally, proper insulation must be insured, especially when it comes to the roof, so that ice dams do not develop and cause a combination of water and ice damage (particularly potent at causing problems).

To prevent water damage, there are several steps that we take. Again, an inspection will tell us what your weak spots may be and where we should devote some extra resources. Invariably, the roof and the foundation both tend to be “weak spots,” so we make sure your roof and foundation are both sufficiently waterproofed. This can include not only a vapor barrier installation, but also specially treated products. In addition, we may check windows and doorways—or other access areas—to make sure that all seals are well-held, including skylights and rooftop installations.

Offering Ice and Water Protection for the Twin Cities

Water and ice protection in the Twin Cities from Exterior Contracting Inc can be a big step in giving you peace of mind over your commercial property. Indeed, because most commercial properties are so expansive, it can be nearly impossible to take a reactionary approach to all problems. Water and ice protection allows you to be pro-active, to stop problems before they start, and prevent untold costs in damages. It’s the safest, most effective way to keep your commercial enterprise in good repair.

So if you’re worried about ice and water, contact Exterior Contracting, Inc., right away. We have the commercial property experience to ensure that you’re on solid footing when it comes to protecting yourself from water and ice.

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