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Commercial properties can be sprawling or centered, warehouses or apartment complexes, simple or complicated. There’s a lot of variability in commercial properties, and that’s why it’s important to make sure your contracting company can handle all of your needs. Whether it’s working with property managers at apartments or owners of office buildings, Exterior Contracting has the experience and expertise that allows us to get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction. We understand that, when it comes to commercial properties, you’re looking to make sure your revenue stream remains healthy and uninterrupted. In order to ensure that happens, we offer a wide variety of services, from the restorative to the reparative.

In other words, you want to make sure that you perform regular maintenance to avoid unwanted and unneeded damage. However, when something less than desirable happens—whether due to bad luck or bad weather—you need to move quickly to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. In order to do that, you’ll want to make sure to have an experienced, efficient contractor on hand—one that is experienced with exterior projects such as roof and window repair, or metal siding installation. Every commercial property has its own requirements and its own quirks, but we work hard to ensure that we respect your budget while giving you excellent results.

Commercial Property Services from Twin Cities-Based Exterior Contracting

Exterior Contracting offers the following commercial property needs:

  • Snow and Ice Removal: Among the most common needs for any commercial enterprise operating in Minnesota is the removal of snow and ice. Clients, customers, and patrons all need a place to park, so a snowy lot can cost you money. Reliable snow and ice removal can be great for your business.
  • Roof Ventilation: Your roof is one of the primary points at which your property exhausts unwanted air—whether that’s toxic gases or HVAC output. To make sure your property keeps functioning properly, you want to make sure that your roof ventilation is properly maintained.
  • Roof Repair or Replacement: Whether it’s a project you undertake because of a recent hailstorm or scheduled maintenance, most property owners want to ensure that roof repair and replacement projects are handled quickly and efficiently. But they also want to make sure the work is done right. There is nothing worse than having to worry about a new roof. At Exterior Contracting, we make sure the job gets done right.
  • Ice and Water Protection: Among the curve balls that Mother Nature can throw at your property, ice and water are among the worst. Protect your property from ice and water damage and the losses of revenue that come from each.
  • Siding Installation: Options for siding have expanded considerably since the dawn of aluminum. Siding options now include metal and vinyl, each of which is a cost-effective way to cover a large amount of surface area and make your property look new, polished, and elegant.
  • Window Installation and Replacement: Replacing windows on a commercial property can be an inherently large and complex project, if only because of the sheer number of windows involved. And yet, replacing windows must always be done properly or you will risk increased damaged and costs in the long run.
  • Window Trim: As part of keeping you windows water tight, you want to invest in strong, properly installed window trim.
  • Low E & Argon Gas Windows: One of the largest ways that commercial properties lose revenue is through poor energy efficiency thanks to subpar windows. New Low E or Argon Gas windows provide commercial properties with a way to increase energy efficiency on a big or small scale, and to save money either way.

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